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Manufacturing smart ideas

I founded Smart Factory to disrupt traditional consulting. Modern companies need modern solutions, not playbooks and opinions. We understand that the questions you really need to answer, you many not even know how to ask. We help you ask the right questions. We transform your problem into a solution. And when we leave, your company is smarter.
Doug Richards


Rebuilding the IT Business Relationship

The Factory Floor: 

The manufacturing Smart Factory concept describes the fusion of technology and business processes to modernize organizations that benefit from technology but, do not necessarily produce commercial technology. Here at Smart Factory, we have customized that concept to create an entirely new approach to managing complex technology initiatives. Get your project launched faster, leverage just-in-time expertise, accurately anticipate and react to change and, eliminate the stress that typically occurs when dedicated teams are tasked with special projects.


Smart Factory expands its services to Saint Louis, MO

Helping clients in the Kansas City area since 2017, Smart Factory has now expanded its services to Saint Louis, MO beginning June 7th, 2021. If you’re a Saint Louis company looking for our help, contact us today!

Good ideas in; Great Products out

Ideation to Implementation

People, your employees and your customers, expect you to provide the best technology. At Smart Factory we help you take your good ideas and turn them into great products. To provide innovation we leverage people and process to find new efficiencies. We take decades of expertise and anchor it with a simple mantra, ‘Act as If‘. Act as if you are an employee, an executive, a board member, a stake holder, a customer or a client of the companies we serve. This simple principle guides us to be good fiscal stewards and to promote the companies strategic agenda.

Dozens of Countries. One Vision

our vision is to provide service based leadership to our clients, our peers, our community and our world.

Smart factory services: IT Management, Consulting, Software Product development, Analysis and advisory services, Modernization of legacy systems, IT program and IT project management, full stack application development, Core system integrations, data transformation, Artificial intelligence, Quality assurance, software testing, Blockchain encryption for finance, and more

Our modern process: an old-fashioned idea

Do the Work.

There are plenty of consultants that will happily sell you their pre-built roadmaps and book hour after hour in meetings. At the end of the day all you’re left with is their opinions, playbooks, and not much more. These days hard work seems like an old-fashioned idea but for us it is a cornerstone to our consulting process. Our office is open 16 hours a day, 6 days a week. Our teams are always working for you because you already have enough work of your own.


We document every lesson learned using the Agile, or ADDIE guidelines.


Our reputation for being on-time and on-budget thrills us and our clients.


We don’t simply build your vision. We challenge you to build the best solution.


Every step supports the strategic vision of the organization.

Our vision

Make A Difference

At Smart Factory we believe technology jobs should be accessible to all. In the US we actively recruit single parents to provide them a role that allows them to work in thier home and balance the time demands of being a single parent. By allowing people to work in their homes in this way our hope is that the quality of life improves for them and their families.

Internationally, we partner with companies that do good in thier local areas. We encourage our international teams to source staff from orphanages and other populations that don’t have access to strong social networks.

Our hope is that by creating a work environment that balancs time and productivity we can make small changes with big impacts. 

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