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Consulting firms Core Catalysts and Smart Factory have announced a new partnership. In response to a significant increase in demand by their Healthcare, Finance, Insurance, and Manufacturing clients, the two companies have teamed up to create a new line of service targeted at solving cloud sprawl.

What is Cloud Sprawl

Cloud sprawl is the uncontrolled proliferation of an organization’s cloud instances, services, or providers.

What Does it Do?

Cloud Sprawl can lead to increased costs and poor security and compliance within an organization. Cloud sprawl typically occurs when an organization lacks visibility into or control over its cloud computing resources.

As more companies move to cloud services like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure they are faced with the added complexity that their already overworked tech teams don’t have the capacity to handle.

Our clients have seen an alarming increase in computer storage costs and security risks, and they often times require more specialized people to manage configurations and approvals,

– Jim Wadella, Managing Member of Core Catalysts

Cloud platforms often offer “quick fixes” that fail to address underlying issues, and the result is more spend for software enhancements and a growing lack of visibility over time. This makes it difficult for an organization to control cloud costs, resources, and security and compliance, which all contribute directly to the success and direction of a company.

This new offering is in direct response to an issue we’ve seen across all of our clients. The add-to-cart functionality of the AWS and Azure consoles makes it too easy for IT staff to subscribe to products that start off at pennies but can quickly spiral into thousands of dollars a month.

– Doug Richards, CEO of Smart Factory

What We’re Doing

With Core Catalysts and Smart Factory’s new partnership, they commit to solving companies’ cloud sprawl. Whether it is a one-time diagnostic or ongoing cloud management, their services deliver easy-to-understand, proven, diagnostic data and processes to reestablish control. Their user-friendly platform makes onboarding easy to quickly gain relevant insights for effective decision-making and continuous improvement to cloud management. As a result, organizations can expect full visibility, immediate financial impacts, and leading practices for security and compliance.

Visit our partner website to learn more https://www.corecatalysts.com/cloud-solutions/

About Core Catalysts

Core Catalysts is a Management Consulting firm based in Kansas City that serves clients across the U.S. in various industries. Core Catalysts provides services such as Process Improvement, Product/Service Commercialization, Revenue Enhancement, Financial Modeling, Program/Project Management, Software Selection, Enterprise Risk Management and Business Performance Improvement through a team that is composed of results-oriented individuals.

Learn more at: https://www.corecatalysts.com/

About Smart Factory

Smart Factory is an IT Management Consulting firm based in Kansas City. For over ten years the Smart Factory team has been perfecting Remote Workforce Management, a staff augmentation system that teams seasoned senior executives with technology specialists from around the world and provides Smart Factory clients with a fully-managed outsourced resource pool that scales and shrinks on-demand. Additionally, Smart Factory offers fractional CIOs, Corporate Advisory services, Product Development, and related services supporting specialized strategic needs.

Learn more at: https://www.smartfactory.io/

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